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In times of changing market conditions, yields compress across the market, making it more difficult for real estate operators to find consistently feasible assets to invest in.  The benefit of the fund structure, aside from diversification, is that it allows the Sponsor to move quicker on identified opportunities that meet our rigorous criteria.  It also allows us to provide a structure that benefits our investors, while remaining viable in these shifting markets.

Our goal is providing a vehicle to investors that allow them to invest with and alongside a proven operator with a history of success.  This will allow us to continue to build strong relationships with our investors, offering a better way to achieve a more balanced portfolio that meets their goals.

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Provident acquires and develops projects in regions of the country that offer diversified economies and strong annual net migration. Because the state of Texas leads the nation in both of these categories, much of the Provident portfolio is Texas-centric.


Texas is A Top 10 Global Economy (same GDP as Great Britain) #2 in Fortune 500 HQ with 54 Annual net migration over 400,000

• Low cost of living; high quality of life
• No state income tax
• Contender for major corporate relocations